Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kaul

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kaul holds degrees in Energy Engineering and Energy Management & Policy from IIT, India and University of Pennsylvania, USA.

His expertise includes Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Politics in Developing Countries, Energy Management and Environmental Energy Systems.

He is Professor at the Department of Industrial Technology, Fitchburg State University, and Co-coordinator of the Energy Program and the principal architect of the new curriculum in Energy Management Technology, covering energy resources and the environment, energy conservation, power and lighting, co-generation and waste recovery systems. As a Fulbright senior specialist, he developed a program on renewable and sustainable development for the European Union.

Professor Kaul has provided technical consultancy for ERS Inc. in Massachusetts, USA. He also served as senior fellow at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India, participated in energy discussion forums and presented lectures on various topics on energy in USA, Europe, India and Nepal.

As a distinguished energy specialist of Fitchburg State University, Prof. Dr. Kaul has authored and co-authored various publications on energy technology and policy in internationally renowned books and journals.


Energy Implementation Strategy Energy Management, Appropriate Technology Implementation, Energy Conservation and Energy Politics in Developing Countries
Sustainable Energy and Mobility Issues Biofuels and Hydrogen Technology. Alternative Drive Technology and Renewable Energy for Electric Power and Sustainable Development.
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