Dr. Ing. Kalman Geiger

Kalman Geiger did his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Stuttgart University and habilitated at the Institute for Polymere Technologies that focusses on material engineering, processing technologies and product engineering in plastics. Dr Geiger led the Department of Rheology and Rheometry until his retirement.

Dr Geiger has his long research and teaching experience and is an acknowledged expert in the fields of Rheology and Polymer Processing.

He has participated in several research projects and has publications in renowned journals to his credit. He is also a much admired speaker at scientific conferences.

Physical and Chemical Production TechnologiesAdvances Polymer Processing
RheologyAdvanced and Practical Rheometrical Measuring Methods
Advance Material ProcessingExtrusion, Under-water Pelletizing
Geiger, K.Deformation-induced Self-organisation of Stiff Macromolecules in Thermotropic Liquid-crystalline Molten Polymers, Habilitation Thesis, University of Stuttgart (2013)
Geiger, K., Knoll, K. and Langela, M.Microstructure and Rheological Properties of Triblock Copolymers under Extrusion Conditions, Rheol. Acta, 41, (2002), 345.
Leist, H., Geiger, K. and Wiesner, U.Orientation Flip of Lamellar Polystyrene-Polyisoprene Diblock Copolymers under Extrusion, Macromolecules, Vol. 32, No. 4, (1999), 1315.