Dr. Horst Feuerstein

Dr. Horst Feuerstein holds degrees in economics from the University of Kiel, Germany. He was a member of the World Bank, Washington D.C. and Director at the European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg, advising on a broad array of international development projects worldwide, especially in the Latin-American, European, Middle Eastern and North African regions.

His expertise covers energy sector analysis and finance, environmental policy and renewable energies. In his projects at the World Bank and the EIB, he specialized on rural sector analysis and finance as well as resource economics and the rational use of energy.

Dr. Feuerstein worked at the University of California, Berkeley on advanced resource economics, regional economics, and econometrics. At the German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin, he supervised energy and transportation studies. His professional project expertise covers air transport, telecommunications, tourism, agro-industry, and financial intermediation.


Energy Sector Analysis and Finance Development Financing through Financial Intermediaries
Renewable Energies Resource Economics and Rational Use of Energy
Environmental Policy Rural Sector Analysis and Finance
European Investment Bank, Luxembourg Director, Department for Economic Research in the EU, Economic and Financial Research Directorate; Director, Operations Evaluation and Industry (Air transport, telecommunications, tourism, agro-industry, financial intermediation)
German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin, Germany Energy and Transport Department
The World Bank, Washington, DC Senior Project Officer in the Latin-American Region and the European, Middle Eastern and North African Region (Rural sector analysis and finance)
University of California at Berkeley Post-Doctoral Scholar, Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (Resource Economics; Regional Economics; Econometrics)
University of Kiel and Saarbr├╝cken, Germany PhD Agricultural Economics (Factors Affecting Farmland Prices); Research Associate (Land Economics; European Common Market Policy; Regional Economics; Macro- and Microeconomics;Resource and Development Economics)
University of Kiel and Saarbr├╝cken, Germany Master in Economics (Economic Theory; Economic Policy; Public Finance; Business Administration; Civil Law; Labour Law)