Dr. George Francis

George Francis holds a PhD from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Hohenheim and has a decade of experience with international bioenergy projects. He is currently involved in long term projects in India, Kenya and Madagascar.

Dr Francis has long experience in the field of intercultural renewable energy projects, especially production and evaluation of biomass, including new feedstock for energy production. He has done feasibility studies, conceived projects, prepared detailed implementation plans, devised consortia for implementation, prepared training programmes for farming out and co-ordinated and managed bioenergy feedstock projects in different countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has successfully acquired financing for such projects from public developmental banks and multi-national corporates.

Since the founding of JATROPOWER in 2007, he holds the position of CEO of that company. Additionally he manages a microcredit supported pilot jatropha project in India and co-manages a pilot study on the feasibility of cassava production in Madagascar, both as bioenergy feedstocks. He is also providing technical consultancy on bioenergy projects involving agricultural products, by-products and household wastes to a leading utility company in Germany. He has been an invited reviewer for EU funded sustainable energy projects under FP6 and FP7 since 2001.

Dr. Francis has several publications in refereed journals and invited presentations at international fora to his credit.

Production of biofuel feedstock Feedstock for biodiesel and bioethanol production, optimal conditions for establishment of bioenergy plantations, e.g. jatropha, cassava
Conceptualization and feasibility analysis and organization of Bioenergy and CDM projects Development of international project concepts, feasibility evaluation, consortia development, project implementation
Project evaluation Evaluation of implementation of bioenergy and biofuel projects
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