New Energies

Due to energy security and environmental policy considerations and the high market demand, there has been increasing interest in alternatives for conventional energy sources. Fast development of the rural areas in the emerging world during last years has also underlined the need of decentralised energy solutions.
Our New Energy portfolio comprises feedstock for biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas produced from waste-land and biocoal produced from biowastes.


The complete use of carbohydrate-based organic residues, such as straw, wood scrap and waste, grass clippings, vegetable waste or of sewage


Bioethanol is an alternative or supplement to gasoline (petrol) and has become established as an alternative motor fuel due to cost advantages or policy

Fuel Oil

Jatropha curcas (physic nut, purging nut) is a shrub or a small tree belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. It is widely distributed in almost all countries


The European Union and several other countries have established programs to promote biogas as a fuel, leading to a significant increase in production capacities

About Us

Live Energies GmbH is a technology and project management consultancy company established at the Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Hohenheim. We serve clients in Government, Industry, Financial Sector, and Non-Governmental agencies.

Our expertise involves energy strategy consulting, renewable energy project development, management and implementation as well as project financing.

We also offer customised business services to meet your needs in international trade of sustainable energy technologies and renewable resources.

Live Energies has affiliate offices in India and Africa in order to serve our customers´international projects directly on-site.

Recent News

Presentation of the Biocoal concept at “BIO-raffiniert IX: Die neue Rohstoffwelt der Bioökonomie – Welche Rolle spielt der Kohlenstoff?“ 13./14. Februar 2017 in Oberhausen, Germany,

Live Energies to present “Biomass Stem Processing” for conversion of biowaste to biocoal at the “4th INTERNATIONAL FAECAL SLUDGE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE” 19. – 23. February 2017, in Chennai, India,