Environmental effects, availability concerns over fossil fuels and technological progress is fuelling a paradigm shift in the global energy use patterns.
Efficient and cost-effective solutions based on renewable energies provide a pathway to mitigate climate change concerns and limited resource availability.
Research and development in this sector as well as sustainable project implementation secure our future energy basis, create business opportunities and foster regional development.
Live Energies GmbH strives to be a facilitator for sustainable energy projects with potential to make the world a better place.

About Us

Live Energies GmbH is a technology and project management consultancy company established at the Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Hohenheim. We serve clients in Government, Industry, Financial Sector, and Non-Governmental agencies.

Our expertise involves energy strategy consulting, renewable energy project development, management and implementation as well as project financing.

We also offer customised business services to meet your needs in international trade of sustainable energy technologies and renewable resources.

Live Energies has affiliate offices in India and Africa.

Corporate News

Renewable Energy and CDM Studies

Live Energies now offers comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies in Renewable Energies, especially for the tropics, and the CDM sector.

Solar PV Systems for Industrial and Home Applications

Live Energies is cooperating with the German roof-top solar technology company Sunova AG.

Jatropha Seeds for Biodiesel Production

Live Energies offers 10 tons or above of dry Jatropha curcas seeds from India for sale