Johannes Ebner

Johannes Ebner holds a degree in electrical engineering from Stuttgart University, Germany.

His professional experience covers a broad range of technical and legal measures for improving safety and reducing emissions of on-road vehicles.

As officer of the Regional Government of Baden-Württemberg, he was involved in German and European legislation for the automotive sector and public transportation projects.

At Daimler Engineering he worked on international strategies for new propulsion technologies and for improving acceptance of road freight transport with commercial vehicles.

NOx Reduction with SCR technology Infrastructure for AdBlue in Germany/Europe
Advanced Propulsion Technologies Field tests with alternative drive systems for cars and buses (CNG, electric, hybrid, fuel cell infrastructure for fuels/ operating fluids and energies)
Transport and Environment Emission legislation for on-road vehicles (cars, trucks, buses); incentives for environmental vehicles (tax/scrapping incentives, environmental zones, incentives for fleet operators); combined transportation road/rail
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