Dr. Gerhard Isenberg

Dr. Isenberg holds degrees in physics and engineering from Karlsruhe University, Germany. He is a member of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) and worked on international energy R&D and implementation projects worldwide.

His professional project experience covers nuclear fusion technologies, renewable energies, and alternative drive systems for mobile applications. With MAN New Technologies, Munich, Dr. Isenberg was involved in solar and wind power projects for decentralised power systems. At Daimler Research and Technology, Stuttgart/Ulm, he worked on hydrogen technologies, fuel cell vehicles, and biofuels for the automotive sector.

Dr. Isenberg is Chairman at the Board of Trustees of Die Umwelt-Akademie, Munich. His expertise covers Automotive Technologies and Electric Power Generation, Energy Security and Global Climate Change Mitigation Strategies.

Dr. Isenberg has contributed to a series of university lectures on renewable energy technologies and authored and co-authored various publications on renewable energies and sustainable mobility technologies in internationally renowned books and journals.

Postfossil Mobility Concepts Resource Availability and Peak Oil; Alternative Energy Strategies; New Fuel Options; Alternative Mobility Concepts
Sustainable Energy and AdvancedPropulsion Technologies Renewable Fuels (Biofuels, Hydrogen, Renewable Electricity) and Alternative Drive Systems (Hybrid and Fuel Cell Technologies)
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