About Us

Live Energies assists your renewable energy projects with technical expertise and project management experience.

New sources of energy needs to be socially acceptable and economically viable to gain acceptability. The opportunities are especially attractive if projects can contribute to alleviation of known problems such as land degradation and desertification and lack of complete utilization of plant by-product and waste streams. Live Energies has identified bioenergy feedstocks derived from waste-lands or wastes as the focus of its activities.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have accumulated unique capabilities and experiences through involvement in several projects. Some concrete examples are:

  1. Evaluation of Jatropha cultivation in abandoned small-holder wastelands in India
  2. Evaluation of cassava as feedstock for fuel ethanol production in Madagascar
  3. Evaluation of xerophytic plants as biogas and biomass feedstock in Kenya
  4. Pre-commercial scale demonstration of biocoal production from moist bio-waste and agricultural byproducts

In addition to offering complete management of bioenergy projects on a contract basis, we also offer customised management instruments for such projects. Specifically, we can offer software-based project control modules specifically adapted to project conditions and business targets pertaining to


  • General Project Management
  • Complex Organisation Structuring
  • Resource and Capacity Planning
  • Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Control
  • Cost Target Tracking
  • Financial Flow Management
  • Milestone and Performance Tracking
  • Documentation, Reporting and Escalation
  • Key Performance Indicators and Quality Control